Really enjoyed this one Andrew. I find myself jotting down clever or witty rap lyrics that speak to me all the time. I’d love to see you do a part 2 for this!

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2 comments Andrew:

1. Your mention of the college seminar in hip hop and history and how it continues to impact your life today (as shown by this essay) nicely shows how taking electives (I perhaps falsely presume this was not your major, but I could be wrong:) can really usefully broaden your mind, and even make you less "weird"-pun intended.

2. On a very much tangential note, for sheer tech prophecy enjoy the Weird Al Yankovich parody "All About the Pentiums" spoofing All About the Benjamins. Al's lyrics still hold amazing prescience a full generation later, which is a veritable testimony to lyrical talent. WW

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